The Pillars Of Reef & Beef

Our team at Reef & Beef is a powerhouse of diverse talents, united by a shared passion for crafting unforgettable dining experiences. From kitchen wizards to creative minds, each team member contributes a unique strength, collectively forming the backbone of our culinary mastery. 

Leila Reef & Beef
Head of Reservations


Meet Leila, the mastermind behind the seamless reservation experience at Reef & Beef. With her eight years of experience in the hospitality industry, Leila has honed her skills in customer service and operational management, specializing in reservations. Her role is pivotal in ensuring that every guest's interaction with Reef & Beef begins on a note of excellence and efficiency. Leila's expertise lies in managing reservations with a personalized touch, accommodating special requests, and ensuring that each guest's dining preferences are noted and catered to. Her meticulous attention to detail and commitment to guest satisfaction have made the reservation process at Reef & Beef as delightful as the dining experience itself.
amir reef & beef
General Manager
Amir D.
Introducing Amir, the General Manager of Reef & Beef, whose leadership and culinary passion have been instrumental in establishing the restaurant's reputation for excellence. With over a decade in the culinary, hospitality industry, Amir's role as GM goes beyond overseeing the daily operations; he is the driving force behind the restaurant's concept, menu development, and overall guest experience. His broad expertise encompasses kitchen management, staff training, and ensuring the highest standards of quality and service. Amir's visionary approach and commitment to excellence are what make Reef & Beef not just a restaurant, but a culinary destination, offering an unparalleled dining experience under his skilled stewardship.
Chef Dennis Koll
Executive Chef
Dennis Koll
Chef Dennis Koll, a passionate culinary expert, trained in traditional French cuisine under a Michelin-starred chef and gained experience in nouvelle cuisine at esteemed establishments. His dedication to excellence earned him the “Best Brunch” award from Time Out Dubai and a position as Executive Chef at the award-winning Play Restaurant and Lounge. Now, as head chef at Reef & Beef, Chef Dennis provides memorable dining experiences with his unique touch, vast experience, and love for culinary arts. Discover his artful creations, from classic French dishes to fusion cuisine, at Reef & Beef.